“He’s been a great resource for vet and feeding and training ideas and he’s kept in regular contact to follow Cooper’s progress.”

Anyways Darcy is wonderful… and we are all loving her. British Labs are now my new favorite dog breed.

Oh, how we love those smiles!

Thank you for all your kind words. It means so much to us!

Russ and LeAnn Howard

Timber Coulee British Labradors

We have been training all kinds of dogs for 30 years and our Lab pup from Russ is the best Lab pup we have ever seen. He has got it all and he’s only 3 months old. He is smart as a whip, confident without being a fool about it, and focuses real well on his family. He loves people especially kids. He gets along great with all kinds of other dogs too. He has a real soft mouth. When its time to play and fetch he’s a live wire and when its time to settle he’s happy to do that too. He is almost totally housebroke already and never poops in the house. He is real sturdy and sound and had no bad reaction at all to his lepto shot like the more delicate dogs do. Everything Russ told us about this pup was true. It can be hard to find a pup who will be a great gun-dog AND a great indoor family dog but this pup will do it. Also Russ has the best guarantee around, if anything genetic goes wrong with your pup within 2 years you get your money back and you don’t have to give up your dog either. Submitted on Jan 17, 2014 John Robinson

TBD - Brin / Kodiak,

Hi Russ, Gunner is doing great! He is a big boy! Last vet check was in June and he was 95 lbs. Gunner is the best dog ever! He is so sweet and easy going. The kids just love him! Everyone still comments on how good looking of a dog he is. Has Gunner’s mom had another one like Gunner yet? Big and cute, like pooh bear. Thanks so much for Gunner! Stephanie Manglitz

Gunner - Brin / Kodiak

After losing my black lab to cancer last year, the timing was finally right with Russ’ recent litter of pups. He brought Cooper and a litter-mate to my home (five hours away) so we could see him interact with his brother and our other Humane Society rescue dog. Cooper was obviously the more bold and confident of the two and fit the bill for what we wanted in a combo hunting/house dog and he has been a great addition to the household. Russ was very helpful with the new pup since I hadn’t had a puppy since high school (a long time ago!). He’s been a great resource for vet and feeding and training ideas and he’s kept in regular contact to follow Cooper’s progress. Cooper’s been great with my four teenage kids and wife is very sociable with other dogs and good with new people. Cooper is a great looking dog that will grow to a good household size and his energetic and happy-go-lucky personality make him fantastic to work with and train. He’ll be a just about a year old for this fall’s grouse and pheasant seasons and I’m really looking forward to watching him learn to hunt and cooperate with the other dogs.

Kenneth Gehl

Cooper - Brin / Kodiak

Russ, I was just writing to inform you of how happy and satisfied we are as a family with our new family member Lulu. She has been a very quick learner, even temperament, always eager to please, willing to retrieve and has a very soft mouth. She has been a treat so far to have around the house the kids love her and at times her docile temperament makes you wonder “do we have a puppy or an old well trained dog? ”. We love her ability to be on and off with the situations – lying down or let play fetch. I will keep you posted as move forward in the future – if we stay the course we will be in GREAT shape Jesse Wilcox

Lulu - Brin / Kodiak

Our dog Rufus is our family’s first dog after many years of trying to convince my wife we could handle having a dog. Rufus has been as advertised, he has a strong hunting desire …but he is (also) a wonderful family dog. He is mild mannered (loves to be snuggled) but does have a desire for attention …The one thing we are thankful for is he rarely barks. Russ was great to work with in getting started and truly does care that we are satisfied with our dog. Galen Lutteke

? Kodiak and ?

I purchased a male puppy through Timber Coulee British Labs in November of 2013. I was extremely satisfied with the way Russ communicated with me throughout the entire process of choosing the right dog for me. He is very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions. I can still contact him to this day when any questions I have arise and he is always available. Drake is great in the house, he is so calm and well tempered. He’s great around children and other animals as well. When out in the field he is an avid hunter, I am so happy with my experience.

Megan E.

Drake - Sedona / Kodiak

Hi, Thanks so much… Dad is absolutely taken with his new friend, Thatcher! She is an incredible puppy… So much so, that we are reconsidering our choice of an English Springer puppy. Wondering if you have any females left from this litter? Thanks a ton! Jill Seward

Thatcher - Sedona / Kodiak

We adopted our dog, Bentley, from Timber Coulee British Labs a year and a half ago, and I can honestly say he is one of the best dog to come into this family. Russ was very knowledgeable about this breed. His information and advice about this particular dog was completely accurate.

Since the beginning, Bentley has been such a calm, gentle, and loving dog compared to all of the others I have had in the past, which is saying something considering I have always had a dog. When the Russ first told us about the kind of dog he was, I didn’t really believe him because I knew how puppies were like, yet I was wrong. Bentley is truly a special dog.



Linda Hawes

Bentley - Sedona / Kodiak

We Would Love Your Testimonial Or Comments

We adopted our British Labrador Retriever “Beau” from Russ Howard in January 2013. Although he’s not quite two years old, people are frequently surprised by his calm demeanor. We enjoyed working with Russ because he provided us with good information about the needs and attributes of a British Lab, which set an accurate expectation for us. We previously had to have our beloved 14 year old Golden Retriever put down so were skeptical of switching breeds thinking that hole in our hearts could never be filled. However, Beau quickly became a truly loved part of our family. He has just the right amount of energy for us. He likes his two-a-day walks, but does well if our schedule doesn’t allow a full blown 3 miles as long as we take him out in the yard to play for a while. He loves to run and fetch!!! He’s great in the yard, no digging, but needs to have his toys to carry around. He’s athletic and loves playing fetch with tennis balls and his Frisbee…or a football, or a soccer ball, or a basketball. He will play fetch with anything! He’s a great companion and will follow us around while doing yard work, but will also just lay at our feet when it’s time to rest. We socialized him very early. As a result he will run and play with any friendly dog, but doesn’t feel the need to stop and sniff every dog we meet on our walk. He’s got a great nose and we love to watch him run in a “grid” pattern around the yard in search of a hidden ball or toy. He has beautiful teeth and a great smile. He’s gentle with kids and will play fetch with them as well. Even if they can only throw the ball 5 feet, he fetches and returns it to their feet patiently waiting for the next throw.


He was quickly house broken, and we kenneled him only until about 6 months. We routinely leave him in a couple rooms in the house and he gets into no mischief as long as he has toys and chew bones around. He’s very smart and a good trainer himself! He taught us very quickly to not leave the remotes and shoes within his reach. This is a great dog breed for any active family who enjoys including their dog in their activities!

John Bowers

Beau - Brin / Kodiak

Good morning Russ, Hi just an update on Darcy. She is doing awesome! She is doing so good at potty training and has had very few accidents in the house. She is getting along with all the other animals in our home… A small dog and a large cat. They have accepted her with no issues. Anyways Darcy is wonderful… and we are all loving her. British Labs are now my new favorite dog breed. Thank you so much! Lori B.

Darcy - Sedona / Kodiak

Russ, I am dropping you a note to say thank for our puppy and give you an update on how he is doing.  Sammy is a wonderful little guy.  We are making good progress on obedience training and potty training is going surprising well. Last week he had his first vet visit and was given a clean bill of health.  We couldn’t be happier with our new addition.  Thank you again. Sincerely, Jack Gehr Jack Gehr

Sammy - Sedona / Kodiak

Hi Russ! Maybe a little more than you were looking for but we just love these dogs. 1/29/14

I met Russ through a college friend who owned, Ace, out of a litter of Kodiak (dad) and Sedona (mom). At that time, I was getting ready to make the commitment to pet ownership. I had been “fostering” a friend’s American Lab for several months, and loved many of his (mature dog) lab qualities, but even with a nice, large, fenced-in back yard, my small suburban home felt too small for a 100+ pound dog.

Kodiak (dad) and Sedona (mom) had a litter coming due in November of 2012, so after a few discussions about British Labs with Russ, I was ready to go. I met the full litter in early November, and picked my Walter out based on his high energy and playful nature. Russ was very clear about his feeding, training and pet ownership philosophy, and gave me good advice on what to expect in the early weeks of Walter’s adjustment to his new home. In fact, he was very generous with his time throughout Walter’s first year and into the time where I decided I just had to have a second (more on that later).

What was great was the fact that once I picked Walter out, Russ and his family started using his name and I swear he came home knowing his name! He also knew to sit down and look up at me … no small thing when you’re training a puppy and quite impressive to friends and family with dogs of their own. This guy was potty trained and had no accidents after only 10 days. He came home in the dead cold of winter (January 8, 2013) and he was game for anything. I took him to a couple rounds of puppy classes and he was the star of the show; he was very friendly with other dogs, and learned fast. He now can stay in his crate for up to 8 hours if necessary, though I try to break that up with a lunch hour when I can. Behavior is good with that and no problems.

His temperament … I’ve heard this description about British Labs, and it certainly applies to both of mine … not overly dominant or aggressive, but no pushover and tons of energy when it’s appropriate. Only after getting my second dog from Russ do I feel completely comfortable in saying these dogs are smart. Walter just “gets it” and doesn’t usually have to be corrected more than once. He really wants to please. He is now 14-1/2 months old, and just about 70 pounds. Like I said, I just had to have another!

Walter is good with toys, fetch, walking, obeying, interacting with lots of people, tricks and behaviors, but the thing he loves almost more than he loves me is other dogs. Old, young, fast, slow … he adjusts to them, gets them to play … I wanted another as much for him as for me. I had a few discussions with Russ about this, and after some time had passed (not too much), I guess he figured I was ready!

Winnie was born in mid-October, 2013 out of Kodiak (dad) and Brin (mom). When I went to “meet” the puppies in early December, I had decided and told Russ that I was interested in a female this time. Also, since Walter is so intense and high energy, I was looking for someone on the other end of the spectrum this time. I met the four female puppies, and there she was! Little Winnie was happy, active, but very cuddly and affectionate, right off the bat. In fact, after I had picked her, Russ shared that the women of his household thought she was the “sweetest” and so far, everyone agrees. She came home the same as Walter … knowing her name and sitting and looking up at me, waiting for direction (not to mention the dead of winter). Winnie potty trained just a smidge slower than Walter, but she’s weeks ahead of him in learning other commands, because she just mimics his behavior (those puppy classes are really for the humans, in case you didn’t know).

It’s been great, how much everyone in my family has fallen in love with her, and she is no pushover with Walter. In fact, I would say that she’s had as much influence on him as he has had on her. He’s been great with her, and went through the early days really well. We were just saying the other night, if someone had told us how low stress this would be, we never would have believed it. She’s a little slower in crate training (mostly because Walter and I can’t stand to hear her cry), but she’s getting there.

She is currently 15 weeks old and weighs about 18 pounds. Russ said to expect that she would top out at about 50 – so Winnie and Walter together equal (in weight) that one big American Lab “friend” … much better for our home. I have followed Russ’ advice on feeding, training, healthcare, dog parks, socialization, and lots of other little details … and he has never steered me wrong. These are the best dogs I have ever met, and all my friends and family members agree. They are welcome everywhere I go, because they are so well behaved and so socialized. I’m ridiculously proud of both of them and friends and family members stand in line to “dog sit” when I have to go out of town on business. Without hesitation, I recommend Russ’ British Labs as family pets.

My brother (and house mate) and I are looking into getting them both some rudimentary bird hunting training, because it is clear from their behaviors that they are born to do it. Several of my hunter friends have begged me to just let them go out and “see what happens” (not sure about that … have to talk to Russ about it). Another family member says that Winnie would be a perfect “compassionate care” dog, so we’re going to look into that in the future, as well.

Thanks, Russ, for Winnie & Walter. I have attached some of my favorite photos. Jim Humbert Bloomington, MN


Jim Humbert

Walter - Kodiak and Sedona , Winnie - Kodiak and Brin

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole”

-Roger Caras

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