Introducing Our Newest Litter

Socialization Stage - Pups at Seven-Weeks Old


The puppies are actively eating dry dog food and are fully weaned from mom. There is plenty of human exposure so they can learn to interact and learn to form relationships with people. The pups senses have developed more fully and they willfully investigate new additions to their environment. The pups enjoy plenty of playtime.

Top Row – Females   /   Bottom Row – Males

Socialization Stage - Pups at Six-Weeks Old


At 6 weeks vision and hearing are fully developed.
Weaning from mom is underway.
They love to investigate everything, their world is getting larger, but we keep it controlled, just a little at a time, as to not overwhelm them.

Top Row – Females   /   Bottom Row – Males

Socialization Stage - Pups at Five-Weeks Old


At this age wrestling with the litter mates is what they love to do.

The pups have a full set of teeth and are eating soft food, but still nursing.

Mom enjoys spending time with the pups. Play time with the introduction of some toys has begun.

The pups, for the most part, know they don’t go potty in their sleeping/eating area. Gentle human interaction and introduction to different noises around the house.


Top Row – Males   /   Bottom Row – Females

Socialization Stage - Pups at Four-Weeks Old


This is where the real fun begins. The pups are developing individual personalities. They’re having fun playing with each other and likewise, they are interacting positively to human activity.

They’re eating dog food with oatmeal consistency as well as drink water on their own. Their hearing and sense of smell have become very acute. In short, they’re developing very nicely!

Top Row – Females   /   Bottom Row – Males

Transitional Stage – Pups at Three-Weeks Old


Great fun watching them develop their walking ability.  The pups are taking advantage of their now open eyes to interact with each other.  We’re all smiles here!


Neonatal Stage – Pups At Two-Weeks Old



Not so much in pup-to-pup interaction yet, except for positioning for feeding. Their world is all Mom, Mom, and Mom. The pups need to feed every couple of hours and the rest of the time they sleep

Neonatal Stage – Three Days Old


The pups have a sense of touch and taste, but not much else.

They sleep.      They nurse.

Boring, but so very adorable! Already we love them so!


We are so excited! Our newest litter was born December 12th and they are so beautiful!

There are eight beauties. The composition is as follows:

  • 3 Black Males
  • 3 Black Females
  • 1 Light Fox-Red Male
  • 1 light Fox-Red Female


The parents are Kodiak and Fernie, which is the same as the last litter we had. A litter that set the excellence bar all so very high.

Below we have a profile on each of these parents, their personalities, and physical traits as well as the pedigree charts on both.

Also included below are a few of the awesome testimonials we received from the proud families adopting pups from that last litter.  If you want to know what type of companions our newest puppies will develop into, these testimonials will provide much clarity.

Russ & LeAnn Howard

Timber Coulee British Labradors

Meet The Parents

Kodiak (Sire)

Kodiak, our biggest male, has a heart matching his physique.
His energy is boundless in the field and he just loves everyone he encounters, especially, I might add, my newest granddaughter! Thank you!
Kodiak also has the patience and the discipline to excel in the blind or in the field. He learns all tasks quickly and is very biddable.

I appreciate Kodiak for all he can do, but I love him for all that he is.



Timber Coulee British Labradors

  • Social Intelligence
  • Learning Ability
  • Sweetness

Fernie (Dam)

  • Social Intelligence
  • Learning Ability
  • Sweetness

Fernie, admittedly, is misnamed. She’s such a Sybil. Ms. Dynamo in the field and water while she’s polite, petite Miss Manners in the home. I do have to say, such as split personalities go, this duality she exhibits is awesome!

Her nick-name is “The Nose” which was earned by her amazing ability to track game. She must have been a rescue dog in a previous life.

Additionally, her proportionate features make her a very nice looking dog, More important to us, she is so affectionate to all..

We are so lucky to have her as a member of our family



Timber Coulee British Labrador Retrievers

Brothers & Sisters

Testimonials About Kodiak's and Fernie's Last Litter.

 Ruger (Son of Kodiak and Fernie – 2015)

After the death of our first dog, Parker, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, it took us a while to decide on the next dog that we wanted to join our family. We knew we wanted to find a good hunting dog, but, more importantly, we wanted to find the perfect companion dog that would be great around our house the 90% of the year that we are not hunting.

Prior to purchasing our dog, Ruger, from Russ and LeAnn at Timber Coulee British Labradors, we did a significant amount of research to find the right dog that met our needs. We met and interviewed a number of breeders of British Labradors around the State of Minnesota. Most of the breeders that we talked to were very cold and impersonal and seemed to treat their dogs more like commodities than as a member of their family.

From the first time we talked with Russ and then met with him and LeAnn, we knew these were people that treated their dogs like members of their family, but also knew that their dogs were meant to hunt.

We have had Ruger for a little over 10 months and we could not be more happy with him. He is an incredibly friendly dog with a positive demeanor that also loves to hunt. He has already been on two waterfowl hunting trips to Canada and two pheasant hunting trips as well. The trainers we have worked with have expressed their excitement over how smart Ruger is and how willing he is to accept training. On our waterfowl hunting trips Ruger has calmly waited in his dog blind without moving or making a sound while birds come into our decoys and for those of you who have dogs that break early, you know how valuable that sort of patience can be.

In addition to his hunting acumen, everyone that meets Ruger instantly falls in love with him. All of our nieces and nephews love to play with Ruger and even the people at our Vet’s office gush about how lovable Ruger is when we taking him their for visits.

If anyone is looking to purchase a British Lab for both as a hunting dog and family dog, we would not hesitate to tell them to that they should get a dog from Russ and LeAnn.

Jon Morphew and Gayle B.

Ruger (Son of Kodiak and Fernie - 2015)

Finnie (Son of Kodiak and Fernie 2015)

Sorry, I talked more about Finnie than you…..but I can assure everyone that my entire experience with you, as a breeder and a provider of advice, has been nothing less than exceptional!!)

You want me to talk about the dog I adopted from Russ? ABSOLUTELY!!! We adopted ‘Finnie’ from Russ in 2015 and she is the offspring of Fernie and Kodiak. After meeting both of her parents and Russ (and his utmost attention to the safety/health of all of his dogs and puppies) it was a no-brainer for our family. We have 2 young children (7 and 9) and an 11-year-old lab, Sadie.

When we picked up Finnie we were amazed at how calm she was! She also quickly took to potty training and the other rules of the house.

Fast forward 8 months. Everyone who has owned a lab is aware of the ‘puppy’ stage and what it entails. The amazing part to me is that Finnie didn’t show any of the normal puppy characteristics. Sure, she had a lot of energy, sure she loved to play…but when it was time to settle down she had no problem doing that. She didn’t chew or bark at anything! Finnie has been to countless soccer games and dog parks and I’m always very proud to tell people she’s only 10 months old..most people don’t believe me because she is so well behaved. Heck, I can’t even bring my 11 year old lab (not a British) to soccer fields because of her crazy/overly playful attitude.

I’ve recently had Finnie trained for upland/duck hunting and this fall was our first hunting season. She was absolutely awesome! She is so well rounded in both the field and in the home that I highly recommend a British Lab from Russ to anyone who is looking for a hunting/family dog! She has great energy in the field and has an equal amount of patience in a duck blind. I’ve already had 2 fellow hunters ask me where I got her!I could go on and on about Finnie but the bottom line is that she is an absolute sweetheart, loves to play with all of her siblings (both human and furry) and we will, without a doubt, be going back to Russ for our next dog.

John Konrad

Finnie (Son of Kodiak and Fernie 2015)

Diesel  (Son of Kodiak and Fernie – 2015)


After not having a dog for two years, we knew there was some life missing from our home, and our four-year-old missed a four-legged friend. We weren’t planning to get a dog that day. .. but rather to meet Russ, and think about a pup from a future litter.


Diesel was the last of the litter, ambling in the room with big brown eyes, and a soft mouth for a puppy. He sat on command and was evidently curious. He was ours.


Diesel has been a typical puppy in some ways (curious and mischievous), yet calm, mild-mannered, and exceptionally patient, tolerant and protective of our daughter. He’s a water lover, and his gaze is instinctively skyward at the hint of a bird. We can’t imagine our home without our Diesel dude.


Todd , Lisa, Haylee, Diesel Lemler

Diesel's The Best!


“He’s awesome!

So sweet!

We love him so much!”

“We were looking for a smaller breeder who looked at their dogs as family and not as a way to make a big profit.”

Abby  (Daughter of Kodiak and Fernie)


After having two Golden Retrievers in the past, we decided to explore other breeds. By going to dog shows, searching on-line, talking to dog owners and asking many, many questions, we decided on a British Labrador Retriever. A few of the characteristics that we found desirable in the British Lab include their calm demeanor, their smaller size compared to an American Lab and their desire to please.

We searched for breeders in the Wisconsin area and were not pleased with the “puppy mill-style” of breeding. We were looking for a smaller breeder who looked at their dogs as family and not as a way to make a big profit. Russ and LeAnn Howard were recommended to us. After communicating via email with them over a period of time, we found that they were just what we were looking for! Russ kept us up-to-date with Fernie’s pregnancy and after giving birth, provided weekly photos of the newborn pups.

We have had Abby now for just over a year. Being empty nesters, she has been a joy to welcome into our family. We have found her to be very easy to train (potty trained in one month, as well as learning most basic commands that first month). She plays very well with other dogs, loves her nightly walks and loves to fetch her ball or Frisbee. She does have a lot of energy (as most pups do) and needs to play and run, but by the end of the day, she can be found snuggling by the fire

Anyone looking for a high-quality and well-loved family or hunting dog, we would highly recommend a British Lab from Russ and LeeAnn Howard. They truly care about each and every one of their dogs.


Jeff & Sharon Wynstra



Russ & LeAnn

Russ & LeAnn


Wow!!! Thank you so much for these great  (and informative) testimonials!
I’m reminded in reading them that while  we are so very proud of the strong blood lines documented in our pedigree charts, it is the testimonies from the adopted families which are the true Exhibition #1 of the fine bloodlines produced by the pairing of Kodiak and Fernie,

No symphony orchestra ever played music like a two-year-old girl laughing with a puppy.

Bern Williams

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