Hi, my name is Russell Howard and I’m the co-principal at Timber Coulee Kennel along with my wife, LeAnn. Together we provide the hands-on operation of our small-scale, very selective, well-planned, high quality, British Labradors breeding program. We have been breeding top quality British Labs puppies for over 7 years. All of our dogs come from excellent pedigrees (see papers) with sweet temperaments and great looks

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A Closer Look

About Us

One of the most important things to know of us and our breeding / raising new-born puppies process is that we are not professional, full-time breeders. I’m an insurance executive who have been drawn, by my love of dogs in general, British Labradors specifically, into the best hobby a man like me can have. I get to selectively pick out the best bloodlines possible for my life and hunting companions, breed outstanding puppies, and provide the socialization foundation to send them off into their new lives as well-adjusted pups.

This, of course, is great, great fun, with even some profits sprinkled in to boot. Although quite frankly, there’s a lot more fun than profits in this awesome hobby of mine. But that’s the point; this Kennel is a hobby, not a business.

There is a big disadvantage inherent in this structure for potential buyers, however, and that is that our trickle of litters are infrequent and sporadic. Throughout large segments of the calendar year we do not have any puppies to offer.

But if we are offering puppies now, or anticipating a litter shortly, there is a Huge advantage for you in this setup: Our litters are a very big, very special, celebratory(ish) event for us.

It follows that our puppies are recipient of some very hands-on treatment and handling, all of which is oriented toward providing proper socialization of the pups. We also get to know them very well as individuals, their strengths and weakness, likes and dislikes, enabling us to provide you with the best possible guidance in matching you with the best suited individualized pup for your, likewise, individualized family.

The end result is one that I can ensure you that you will be happy with.


Short Note on Socialization

 Good lines are great (and we have them), but good socialization trumps all. We’re fervently adhere to “Russ’s Rule of 8″system we’ve developed in providing the socialization skills instrumental in the dog’s social well-being.

While a family’s love and care can sometimes fix socially mal-adjusted dogs, why risk it. Of course, it helps that while it’s our solemn responsibility to make sure our puppies are 100 % socially well adjusted, quite frankly it is also literally our pleasure, because the fun of the interaction is surpassed only by our pride in watching them develop into well-adjusted individuals.   

For more information of this important consideration:  More On Socialization

No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does.

Christopher Morley (Author, Kitty Foyle)

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